Adam welcomes Assembly recognition of Owain Glyndwr


Plaid Cymru Assembly Member Adam Price has welcomed the decision by the Assembly's Presiding Officer to fly the flag of Owain Glyndwr outside of the National Assembly for Wales.

Saturday 16th September marks 617 years since Glyndwr was recognised as the Prince of Wales and fought for our country's right to self-determination. The anniversary is marked by local schools and councils throughout Wales.

With this year's anniversary also marking 20 years since the people of Wales voted for devolution, Adam Price wrote to the Presiding Officer requesting the flag be flown on the Assembly estate.

In his correspondence Mr Price wrote:

"As we also approach the 20 year anniversary since the people of Wales voted to create the National Assembly for Wales we face a series of challenges in defending the integrity of devolution.

"Flying the flag of Owain Glyndwr on this weekend of anniversaries would, I believe, be an appropriate recognition that his vision of a self-governing Wales, in charge of its own destiny, is something which has somewhat been achieved by devolution, but reminds us it is something which demands continued endeavour from us all 617 years after his installation as the Prince of Wales."

Owain Glyndwr was named in a Top Ten Makers of the Millenium poll, coming seventh place above Sir Isaac Newton and Abraham Lincoln.

Adam Price said he was "very grateful to the Presiding Officer for her consideration of his request", stating that "many people throughout the country would warmly welcome the recognition given to Owain Glyndwr by the national Parliament he set out to achieve."

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