New Post Office Service in Carway welcomed

Local politicians have welcomed the news that the people of Carway will be able to access post office service after the Post Office announced that a hosted outreach service will operate from Carway Village Hall. The service will open at the location on the 17th of May with opening hours between 9am and 11am on Monday’s, Tuesday’s and Thursday’s.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“Adam Price and campaigned hard against post office closures in the county and were bitterly disappointed that so many services were closed. Whilst the fact this service is only available 3 days a week isn’t ideal it is a major step up from no service at all. I am sure people in Carway will be pleased that this new service will be up and running and I hope that it provides a more convenient option to what is currently available.”

Plaid‘s Westminster candidate Jonathan Edwards said:

“I am pleased that there will be a new service starting in May. Post office services play a vitally important role in our communities. They have a unique social function. The decision by the Labour party to close them was a difficult one to accept. People in Carway have been left without a service for some time which does lead to people feeling isolated, especially more elderly and vulnerable people who rely on it.”

Local community council Ian Evans said:

“I very much welcome this news. I know people in the village are very happy to see a service locally and I would urge everyone to make use of this new facility.”

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