Never let the facts get in the way of a good story – Labour’s Lies on Barnett

Yet again my constituency neighbour, Peter Hain claims that the Barnett formula has only this year started to disadvantage Wales, and that his party were right not to reform it during their 13 years in power at Westminster.

The graph below, copied from the independent Holtham Commission, clearly indicates that Labour’s position is completely at odds with the facts. The graph indicates that there has been a progressive decline in the Welsh block grant since around 1999.

Labour really haven’t got much credibility on this issue, and the fact that the position of the party in Wales seems to completely contrast their London bosses on the need for reform does little to fill anyone with confidence.

Rather than peddling myths, Labour would be better off admitting they were wrong over Barnett during their years in power at UK level and provide a clear statement from their London Leadership that they have actually changed position on this vital issue.

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