Welsh Government must demand full control over Welsh natural resources


Wales must have full control over Welsh natural resources - that was the message from Plaid Cymru who have criticised the Labour Welsh Government for signing a shared ownership deal with the British Government.

The British Government and Welsh Government will have joint responsibility for water policy in Wales, after the two governments signed a new “protocol”.

The proposal was originally announced in the House of Lords in London and was criticised by Plaid Cymru Peer, Dafydd Wigley at the time, who called it a “charter for Westminster meddling”.

Commenting on the announcement by the Welsh Government and the British Government, Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Simon Thomas AM, said:

“This announcement is a fig leaf and doesn’t give us true control over our own resources.

“It doesn’t create any kind of regulatory accountability over the water industry in Wales, and doesn’t deliver Plaid Cymru’s vision for sustainable management of our natural resources.

“We don’t believe this is the end of the matter.”

Carmarthenshire MP and Plaid Cymru’s Treasury spokesperson, Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“Wales’s water resources belong to the people of Wales and we should not accept anything less than that.

“It is astonishing that our own Welsh Government, under the control of the Labour Party, is willing to accept shared ownership over our resources when Westminster has no such control over Scottish water. The Welsh Government should be up in arms, demanding full control of our natural resources, not wilfully signing away responsibility.

“It’s easy for Westminster to tell the people of Wales that we’re too poor to look after ourselves as they continue to control our resources. Westminster-rule has failed. If we want Wales to become the prosperous and successful country it could be, we have to take matters into our own hands. The Labour Welsh Government is perpetuating our poverty by failing to stand up to Westminster.”

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