MP welcomes United Nations scrutiny on bedroom tax

Plaid Cymru has welcomed news that a leading UN official is visiting the UK to examine the impact of the Government’s toxic ‘bedroom tax’ policy on the human rights of thousands of vulnerable people in the UK.

However, the party has also expressed disappointment that the special rapporteur for housing, Raquel Rolnik, will be visiting every UK nation apart from Wales during her two-week tour of major cities.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“It is welcome news that the bedroom tax is coming under scrutiny from the United Nations in relation to an alleged breach of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

“Plaid Cymru, alongside the SNP, have led the campaign in the Commons against this toxic policy that will target some of the most vulnerable people in the UK – many of them disabled. It is a deeply flawed proposal, in terms of principle and practice, as the Welsh housing stock simply doesn’t have enough smaller houses available for people to move into.

“While the official’s presence is encouraging, it is disappointing to learn that she will not be visiting any Welsh cities considering the disproportionate impact this policy is likely to have on the people of Wales.

“It is also very worrying that when questioned by David Cameron during today’s PMQs session, Ed Miliband yet again failed to deliver a commitment on behalf of his Labour Party that they would scrap the bedroom tax should they gain power at the next election.

“Plaid Cymru hopes that Ms Rolnik’s visit will succeed in strengthening the moral and legal case against this disastrous policy, and urges her to rethink her route to take in first-hand accounts of Welsh people suffering at the hands of the Westminster Government.”


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