MP takes on village Post Office concerns

Local MP Jonathan Edwards is tackling the plight of Brechfa residents who do not have a reliable post office service in the village.

Village residents are served by a mobile post office van which replaced the former post office branch some years ago.

Last summer, MP Jonathan Edwards was liaising with the Post Office service as the mobile suffered internet connection problems, leaving residents unable to withdraw money or use the service to pay their utility bills. Representations from Mr Edwards last year saw the internet the connection box on the mobile service replaced.

Now village residents tell their MP that the mobile van isn’t reliable.

Residents who have contacted Jonathan Edwards this week said they were forced to drive to Llandeilo – a 30 mile round trip – in order to send off crucial paperwork as the mobile service did not show up.

Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards said:

“The post office closure programme of the previous UK Government impacted greatly on many of Carmarthenshire’s small communities.

“In a number of areas, a great community spirit and a lot of determination has seen residents come together to keep their local services going. Understandably this can’t always be the case and communities have to depend on the mobile van service.

“I’ve made representations this week to the Post Office regarding what seems to becoming an unreliable service. My constituents tell me that van isn’t always on time, it sometimes leaves early and in some instances doesn’t show up at all. This is completely unacceptable.

“A number of residents cannot simply jump in the car and drive to the nearest service, and bus services are ever diminishing.

“My constituents are entitled to a reliable post office service and I will work to ensure that is the case.”


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