MP calls on Councillors to help restore public confidence in County Hall

JonathanImportant week for Carmarthenshire politics


Carmarthenshire Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards has called on all County Councillors to do the right thing at this week’s extraordinary Council meeting which has been called to discuss the findings of the independent reports by the Wales Audit Office into ‘unlawful’ payments made for the benefit of the Council’s Chief Executive.

He called on all councillors to vote with their conscience and stand up for Carmarthenshire residents who are outraged by the Council’s actions.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“The vote of no confidence which will be debated and voted upon on Thursday offers the chance to draw a line under recent events in Carmarthenshire which have undermined public confidence in the County Council.

“The has been a dark cloud over Carmarthenshire Council for far too long, with a ruling cabal of senior officers and executive board who are clearly completely out of control.  The tactics they have deployed against political opponents and journalists who challenge their decisions border on the totalitarian and have no place in a democracy.

“It has taken the intervention of the Wales Audit Office to get to where we are.  But even now, in the aftermath of two damning independent reports, the tactic of Labour and Independent Councillors has been to undermine the integrity of the Audit Office and launch personal attacks on opposition politicians.

“Following the reports’ publication we should have seen immediate resignations by the implicated senior officers and three Councillors who now face a no confidence motion.  In refusing to act honourably I felt that it was my elected duty as a Member of Parliament to ask the Police to investigate the matter.

“With Carmarthenshire Council’s ruling cabal in complete denial about the seriousness of matter, I call on backbench Councillors of all groups to vote with their conscience on Thursday.  It is their elected duty to stand up for the people of the County and restore public confidence in County Hall.

“I am sure the people of Carmarthenshire will, like me, be watching events closely. There will be no hiding place for those Councillors that vote to ignore public sentiment and keep the old regime in place.”


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