Opportunities with new Emergency Services Network to vastly improve mobile signals

In the week mobile phone giant EE submitted a planning application for a new mobile phone mast along the B4337 near Abergorlech, Plaid Cymru Members of Parliament are pushing a parliamentary motion to see the new Emergency Services Network used to boost mobile signals throughout Wales.

Mobile operator EE has been awarded the Home Office contract to deliver the mobile network as part of the Government's Emergency Services Mobile Communications Programme – a voice a broadband communication system for the police, ambulance and fire and rescue emergency services to use.


To realise this system, EE is expanding its 4G network, with the new mast along the B4337 the first of a number of proposed new mobile phone masts to be erected in the Carmarthen East and Dinefwr constituency.

To create the infrastructure for the Emergency Service Network, EE proposes to build 291 new mast sites with a further 230 sites built by the UK Government across the UK.

Plaid Cymru Members of Parliament have this week tabled a parliamentary motion welcoming the potential of the new network to significantly improve mobile coverage, particularly in rural Wales, and calls on the UK Government to work with other mobile phone operators to ensure they can access the publicly-funded masts to offer vast improvements in coverage for all.

Local MP Jonathan Edwards said:

"Increasing the availability of 3G and 4G mobile signals is long overdue, and we continue to play catch up with more urban areas, but I'm delighted to see another mobile phone operator announce its intention to install a new mast in our rural communities.

"Now that EE has been awarded the Home Office contract to provide the communications network for our emergency services, I know there will be a series of new mobile connections coming to our area soon.

"I and my party colleagues want to see this publicly-funded infrastructure being available to all mobile operators in order bring meaningful connectivity to local residents whilst offering a choice of different network providers. That is why we are seeking cross-party support for our parliamentary motion.

"We can move ahead at a rapid rate to properly connect Carmarthenshire were the UK Government to look seriously at our proposal to maximise the use of this mobile infrastructure investment."

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