Mobile Surgery proving to be a Great Success

Just three months since its launch the Plaid Cymru Mobile Surgery is proving to be a great success with many constituents taking advantage of meeting their local councillor, Assembly Member and/or Member of Parliament on their own doorstep.

The outreach service was launched in October as a way of enabling elected representatives to engage with constituents regularly in locations throughout the county either personally or through designated constituency staff, specifically targeted at areas where there are poor transport links and for meeting elderly, disabled and vulnerable people who may otherwise find it difficult to visit one of Rhodri and Jonathan’s two full time constituency offices.

The Plaid Cymru bus has already landed in each corner of the constituency where constituents have been waiting to meet their representatives and share concerns in the local area.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“I’m really pleased that our mobile surgery bus is having the exact impact we had hoped.

“In such a rural constituency like Carmarthen East & Dinefwr which is of significant geographical size, the mobile bus is delivering residents access to elected representatives in their very own villages.

“Representations have been made to us on community issues such as planning, broadband and speeding, and numerous individual issues such as benefits, housing and health.

“We will be continuing to deliver our service to as many towns and villages in the constituency as possible over the coming months, and I would urge anyone who believes we can assist them to come and visit us”.

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“The mobile outreach service was the next step in working for the people of Carmarthen East and Dinefwr.

“On top of the hundreds of phone calls, e-mails and letters we receive each week, the bus has enabled us to help an even greater number of people and allow those who may have not have had the opportunity to visit our constituency offices a chance to meet with us personally and conveniently.

“I am fortunate to represent some of the most historic and beautiful areas in the country. After spending hours on end in the House of Commons Chamber representing my constituents, I look forward to travelling around the constituency and making sure that the work I do in London directly affects the constituents I represent”.

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