Ministerial Commitment Secured on Newcastle Emlyn Dental Services

Newcastle Emlyn’s Assembly Member has raised local concerns over the provision of dental services with the Minister for Health. Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM brought attention to the issue during a debate at the Assembly and secured a commitment from the Minister that she would do what she could to assist the local health board in establishing a provision to offer treatment to the town.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“I have been left very disappointed that even though guarantees were put in place that dental cover would be provided for the area this has not been the case. I felt it necessary to bring this matter direct to the Minister as it is unacceptable that people in Newcastle Emlyn should be expected to go on without an NHS dentist.

I am pleased that the Minister gave a commitment to do everything she could to address this matter and I know that she did intend to raise it with the chair of Hywel Dda Local Health Board. I will be pursuing the issue with her again as I am determined to provide people living in the area with dental services.”

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“Having an NHS Dentist should be a basic right for everyone. We are aware that there are dentist willing to establish a surgery in Newcastle Emlyn dependant on Welsh Government money being available to them. Hopefully by raising this matter with the Minister Rhodri will be able to help ensure that service gets the go ahead.”

Nodiadau / Notes:
Assembly Record:

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM: Minister, you will know that I have campaigned to secure a dental service for the residents of Newcastle Emlyn, where the dental surgery has closed and some 4,000 patients now have to receive treatment in Cardigan and Whitland. I had a meeting at the beginning of the week with the local health board, which has now earmarked two dentists who would be willing to establish a surgery in Newcastle Emlyn. However, the dentists are dependent on their contracts with the Welsh Government to ensure that the money allocated for this is available to them. Can you give me a commitment that you will work with the local health board to ensure that the residents of Newcastle Emlyn will receive the service that they deserve?

Edwina Hart: I am aware of the concerns that your constituents have had about this issue, and the way in which the local health board has tried to deal with it. I give you my commitment that I will do what I can to assist the local health board. If it would be helpful to the Member, it is a point that I am more than happy to discuss with the chair of Hywel Dda Local Health Board when I meet him tomorrow.

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  1. Dental care is vital for good health. I cannot find an NHS dentist in Carmarthenshire, or the Cardigan area. All the dentists have switched to private treatments, Denplan etc. The expense of which is beyond the average person. I’m seeing the health of my teeth deteriorate. Although I had a temporary filling under the emergency treatment plan this has now fallen off and I need a permanent solution soon. This is the first time I have been without a dentist for 50 years. Why can’t Newcastle Emlyn recruit anyone? There has to be a problem that is not being addressed, dentists seem very reluctant to take on NHS patients which has to be do with funding. It is essential for the WAG to do something about this which is affecting thousands of local people soon.

  2. Dental care is better provided in 3rd World Countries than in West Wales, Carmarthen & Ceredigion particularly. Its an appalling state of affairs and the Welsh Governing Bodies should hang there heads in shame for allowing such a critical situation to exist without even beginning to provide basic dental care to this suffering community.

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