Local AM the most favoured Party Leader in Wales

Just six months after being elected Leader of Plaid Cymru, Carmarthenshire Assembly Member, Adam Price, has received the most positive rating of any party leader in a national poll commissioned by the BBC, polling more favourably than Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Local Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards said the poll was "encouraging" and demonstrated that local AM Mr Price was having a "positive impact" upon Welsh politics.


Two political polls published last week indicate an increase support for Plaid Cymru and decline in support for Labour.


The BBC poll indicates that Plaid Cymru is now on course to increase the number of representatives in the National Assembly to 19 – almost double the 10 it has currently.


The Party Leader favourability scores were as follows:


Plaid Cymru Leader, Adam Price: 4.6

Conservative Leader, Theresa May: 3.5

Labour Leader, Jeremy Corbyn: 3.2

Lib Dem Leader, Vince Cable: 3.8


Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards said momentum was behind the party.  He said:


"The polls show that the people of Wales now overwhelmingly agree that Brexit will have a real and negative impact on the Welsh economy and therefore deserve a People's Vote. Plaid Cymru is the party they trust to fight for their democratic right to that vote.


"This poll is the latest in a series of polls that shows a real and significant shift in public opinion in Wales.  It shows clear momentum behind Plaid Cymru's vision and that Adam Price is having a positive impact upon Welsh politics.


"Labour in Wales is tired and worn-out whilst the Conservatives are causing chaos. Both Westminster parties are falling apart and Plaid Cymru remains the only party ready and able to transform the communities and the economy of Wales.


"Under Adam Price's inspirational leadership, Plaid Cymru will offer a new and alternative approach to the broken politics of the past by paving a new path towards our vision for a New Wales. With our membership inspired, we are going to take our message of hope to people across each corner of Wales.  Everyone who wants to back a winning side is welcome to join us."

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