Local Support for Assembly Veterans Scheme

Local politicians have welcomed moves from the Welsh Assembly Government to allocate more funds to extend a pilot scheme for armed forces personnel and to roll it out across Wales. Adam Price MP, Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and Plaid’s Westminster candidate Jonathan Edwards have long argued for greater support to be given to service personnel veterans. Plaid have been campaigning for funding to be prioritised for veteran welfare and the One Wales governments decision to extend a pilot scheme specialising in veterans mental health is integral to that aim.

Adam Price MP said:

“The truth is veterans are currently being let down by the UK government. Last years figures showed that there was twice as many veterans in prison than British troops are in Afghanistan – one in ten of the prison population. These statistics clearly show that veterans need a holistic after-care programme upon returning from operation.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“I am very pleased that the One Wales government are investing in veterans care and rolling this scheme out across Wales. Service personnel take huge risks and endure very challenging circumstances and the least they deserve is to be given the right care when they return. At the moment service personnel are left to fend for themselves by the UK Labour government with mental health issues often not showing up until weeks, months or even years later. Rolling out this pilot scheme is an example of Wales taking a different approach to the issue and offering essential support.”

Plaid‘s Westminster candidate Jonathan Edwards said:

“The Westminster government have sent troops off to fight in illegal and immoral wars. In doing this at the very least they must remember that they have a duty of care for them as they return. As someone who has spoken to local groups about veterans care, and who has campaigned for better after care services for veterans I am pleased that once again it is the One Wales government taking the lead. I am fully supportive of this scheme and hope that it spurs the Ministry of Defence into taking more responsibility.”

Man Trafod - Rhowch sylwad yma

Bydd eich ateb yn cael ei gymedroli, ac ni fydd yn ymaddangos yn syth. Medrwch baratoi eich testun mewn prosesydd geiriau cyn ei roi yn y bocs, ond ni fydd elfennau megis trwmder tecst a lliw yn ymddangos.