Local Politicians Condemn Library Closures

Local politicians have issued their outrage after the Labour – Independent run council announced that it was to close well loved and used libraries in Llandybie, Glanaman and Penygroes as part of a cost cutting exercise. Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM, Adam Price MP and Plaid’s Westminster candidate Jonathan Edwards condemned the decision highlighting other areas of the councils more extravagant expenditure as better placed to take the financial hit.

Adam Price MP said:

“I am astonished at this decision. The council spends huge sums of taxpayers money on their own self promotion, including their own newspaper and plans to start their own publicly funded TV station, but are happy to close down our local libraries. It seems that in the eyes of the Labour – Independent councillors unless your reading their own promotion you can not be afforded the time or money to read at all.”

Former Libraries Minister Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“As Wales’ Heritage Minister I did a lot of work promoting the use and impact of public libraries and I know how important these facilities are to the community. We have written to the council to express our disappointment with their decision and to urge them to reconsider.”

Westminster candidate Jonathan Edwards said:

“You really have to question what message this proposal is sending out. We are basically seeing the Labour – Independent executive board targeting education and learning whilst continuing with more flamboyant expenditure on their own publicity. Cutting learning services is not the way to help people develop the skills they need to get through the recession.”

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  1. Great shame if libraries close. I also note that Kent Council’s tv station, upon which ‘carmarthen tv’ will be based is now having to close after 2 years and £1.8m of taxpayers money. I would suggest the council have a rethink.

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