Local politicans welcome calls for review of Ammanford Court Closure

Carmarthen East & Dinefwr politicians Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and Jonathan Edwards MP have welcomed the report by Lord Justice Goldring – Senior Presiding Judge for Enland and Wales – which calls for Welsh courts reprieve. The Ministry of Justice announced plans in July this year to consult on the closure of 15 courts, including Ammanford Magistrates’. The consultation report, instructed by the The Lord Chief Justice, has recommended the decision to close Ammanford Magistrates’ is reviewed on the basis that any assessment should take account of travel times from outlying areas of northern Carmarthenshire.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“It is positive that the submissions we made, backed by the community, have provided the Lord Justice with the information needed to see the importance of the Ammanford Magistrates’ court. If the Conservative-Lib Dem coalition decided to push through a closure having seen the recommendations that this court has a strong case to be retained based on the geography of the county, it would show a total lack of respect for the needs of the people of the Amman and Towy Valleys and beyond who rely on its service. Whilst it is concerning the court is still potentially facing closure the report urges further evidence to be gathered. This is an important step forward.”

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“I have been delighted by how much local support there has been for my campaign to oppose this closure. I am encouraged that the Lord Justice’s report recognises that this is not an open and shut case and that there will need to be a greater review of this. I am delighted that Lord Justice Goldring has agreed with the statements made by myself, Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and many others that there could be a strong case for retaining this facility given the catchment area that the court accommodates.”


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