Local MP Welcomes Pensions Proposal


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People in Carmarthenshire who lost out on pension payments with the collapse of Equitable Life could be set to receive compensation. Government proposals for an enhanced compensation scheme have been welcomed by local MP Jonathan Edwards who has now written to the Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, requesting further details on the nature of the proposal and the level of compensation on offer.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“Sadly, given that Labour ignored these pensioners for the past 10 years in which they were in power many will have not lived to see money that was rightfully theirs returned to them.

However, I am pleased that the government have recognised the plight of people who have lost out on pensions they were owed as a result of the collapse of the Equitable Life organisation. I know this issue affected a great number of local people.

I have supported local calls for the Ombudsman’s recommendations for a compensation fund and it is an issue that my predecessor Adam Price did a lot of work on. Hopefully this will be a positive step forward for people still fighting for their money.”

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“If any people in the constituency wish to receive a copy of the Work and Pensions Secretary’s response to my correspondence I would urge them to get in contact with my office.”

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