Local candidate backs pledge against pensioner hardship

Plaid’s pledge to tackle pensioner hardship has now travelled the length and breadth of Wales, gathering signatures from Plaid Cymru candidates for this election.

Plaid has increased its attack on the London parties for their lack of action on pensioner poverty – condemning all three for betraying the most vulnerable elderly people by refusing to promise a state pension that is sufficient to live on.

Plaid has argued that its ‘Living Pensions Policy’ should be the starting point for relieving pensioner hardship.

Plaid’s Jonathan Edwards has given his full backing to the pledge which will make a real difference to the lives of pensioners in the county.

Thousands of pensioners die every winter, because the current state pension doesn’t enable them to heat their homes and put food on their plates.

Plaid‘s Westminster candidate Jonathan Edwards said:

“What is increasingly obvious now is that we are the only party standing up for our pensioners.

In Carmarthenshire especially, with a very high percentage of pensioners, it is a crucial issue. I understand the financial difficulties faced by older people first hand due to my time dealing wit the human cost of the recession whilst working for Citizens Advice Cymru. I also know that very often the choice faced by our pensioners is one of heating or eating.

I’m very proud of the stance that Plaid has taken to tackle these circumstances – and for the three London parties to say that they can’t afford a proper pension while continuing to fund weapons of mass destruction is disgraceful. It’s a betrayal of thousands of people who have paid taxes their whole life in order to get a decent state pension.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“Plaid will always put the most vulnerable first – and it is a question of priorities at this election.

Nobody can be sure how domestic fuel prices will rise over the coming years, but the forecast is extremely worrying.

The more Plaid MPs we have following this election, the stronger our voice will be to fight for a state pension that people can actually live on.”

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