Local backing for Cancertalk week

Local politicians are backing an important campaign designed to raise awareness of cancer amongst children. Macmillian Cancertalk week, which runs from the 23rd – 27th of January, aims to allow children to talk about cancer to remove the fear and stigma of the illness. Adam Price MP, Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and Plaid’s Westminster candidate Jonathan Edwards, are supporting the campaign highlighting the significant role it will play in helping children understand the impact of cancer.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“This is a very important campaign and one that I am pleased to be supporting. A child hearing that they have cancer, or that someone they love does, is a frightening experience. Helping children to become more educated about it will be highly beneficial to how they cope.”

Adam Price MP added:

“Unfortunately we all know someone that has had to deal with cancer. This campaign is a positive step in helping children come to terms with the illness and to share their views and experiences on it.”

Jonathan Edwards added:

“This is a unique way at breaking down the misconceptions that children can often have and makes it easier for parents to approach the subject. It is about ensuring that children are not afraid to discuss issues around cancer and educating them about it.”

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