Local AM warns residents to be vigilant in wake of fuel thefts

Carmarthen East & Dinefwr Assembly Member Rhodri Glyn Thomas is warning residents to be vigilant following a series of fuel thefts from vehicles in the Llandeilo area.

Mr. Thomas said a number of constituents had made him aware of fuel thefts which appear to have started last weekend.

Commenting Rhodri Glyn Thomas said:

“We have had experiences of fuel thefts previously in the county. Not so long ago it was household fuel which was targeted but the most recent incidents have involved motoring fuel.

“The thefts are beyond doubt a result of the people struggling to cope with the soaring costs of fuel coupled with the rising costs of household bills.

“Small measures such as parking a car with the fuel cap facing the house could help reduce a theft’s opportunism.

“Residents should also ensure that where their domestic oil tank is easily accessible it is securely locked.

“I would urge all residents to be vigilant in their area and report any instances to the police.”

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