Llanelli Rail Strike Remembered

Member of Parliament marks anniversary with local authors

Carmarthenshire Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards joined local authors this week for an evening to remember and mark the anniversary of the 1911 Llanelli Rail Strike.

Jonathan with author John Edwards

On Thursday, August 15, at the Rural Council chambers, Llanelli Rail Strike committee hosted a public debate with speeches received from Plaid Cymru MP Jonathan Edwards; Rob Griffiths – author of Killing No Murder; John Edwards – author of Remembrance of a Riot; and Tim Evans – Chair of the rail strike committee and author of The Great Unrest and Welsh Town.

The evening was part of the Llanelli Rail Strike committee’s three day programme of events to mark the occasion, which saw strikers and their supporters battling with the military on the streets of the town.

Former Head of History at Ysgol y Strade, John Edwards, opened the evening recalling the events of the 1911 strike and how two men — John John, a tinplate worker, and Leonard Worsell, a labourer — were shot dead by the troops of the Worcester regiment.

Following a public discussion about the strike and the political implications following that day, panellists were presented with a special book on the strike created by the rural council.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the event and was very grateful to have been asked to contribute.  I particularly enjoyed the knowledgeable sharing from local author, John Edwards.

“It’s important that the history of the strike, its implications and consequences – both politically and socially – are shared for generations to come. 

“The rural council has worked hard to create a fantastic educational resource on the strike and uprising which is available to all schools throughout the area.  I hope such resources can be shared right throughout the county.

“I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the rail strike committee and organisers of the programme for inviting me to officially mark such an important event in Carmarthenshire’s history.”


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