Adam blasts Labour & Tories who criticise Llandeilo's £50million bypass investment


Assembly Member Adam Price has blasted what he branded as the "sneering tone of metropolitan provincialism" of Labour and Conservative Assembly Members who have criticised the £50million investment he and his Plaid Cymru colleagues have negotiated for the long-awaited Llandeilo bypass.

Labour's Carmarthenshire Assembly Member, Lee Waters, who has previously criticised the Llandeilo bypass project on social media, used Tuesday's plenary debate on the Welsh Government budget to criticise a "pork barrel politics" nature of securing investment for particular projects.

Mr Waters' comments followed those of Conservative Assembly Member, Nick Ramsey, who questioned whether the basis of the decision to fund the bypass was correct.

Adam Price hit back in Wednesday's meeting of AMs, reiterating figures which showed Mid and West Wales had received the lowest level of investment in infrastructure of any Welsh region.

Questioning the Finance Minister on Wednesday, Adam Price AM said:

"Welsh Government capital investment over four years, the last four years, in mid and west Wales is half the over £1,000 per head figure for south-east Wales….nothing can justify that level of gap.

"I have to say, we heard in the Chamber yesterday, I would say, a rather sneering tone of metropolitan provincialism attacking my party for at least trying to get some concession, some investment in the regions and the constituencies that we represent. We make no apology for equalising the level of investment.

"Those attitudes were present on the Conservative benches as well, also from Members that either represent or live in the most prosperous part of Wales. I would ask him this: will he commit to equalising the level of investment across Wales, so that it's not left up to my party, year in, year out, to fight for bloody scraps at the bottom of anyone's pork-barrel?"

Constituency colleague Jonathan Edwards MP hit out at Labour's hypocrisy of saying one thing to local residents but undermining the investment in the Assembly chamber. He said:

"It is absolutely astonishing to see senior Labour and Tory AMs – both of whom live in the south east of Wales which receives a far greater level of investment - question the legitimacy of the Llandeilo bypass investment, and to do so whilst their party colleagues locally seek praise for the project.

"After 47 years of waiting, Adam and my Plaid Cymru Assembly colleagues have delivered a tremendous victory in this year's budget, and have done so whilst recognising the contribution of all those across the political spectrum that have worked hard to champion the bypass cause.

"Thanks to Plaid Cymru, this is the first time in a number of years a Welsh Government budget has looked at the whole of Wales.

"It's galling to see the Labour party say one thing to local residents but then go to Cardiff and completely undermine the plight of Llandeilo residents who have suffered years of pollution, diminished road safety and major traffic congestion. It's even more of an insult to have this done by a Labour representative of Carmarthenshire.

"This week's revelations demonstrate that Labour and the Tories are happy to blow £1billion on a few miles of M4 relief road, but crumbs in comparison for one west Wales project is clearly too much. Plaid Cymru, in contrast, makes no apology for achieving this investment and we are truly committed to delivering a bypass for Llandeilo."


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