Labour Lacking Any Ideas or Solutions on the Economy

In less than a month the people of Wales will go to the polls once again, this time to elect the next Government of our country – which following a significant Plaid Cymru victory in Westminster will now serve for 5 years in order to avoid a clash with the 2015 UK election.

It’s vitally important that people cast their ballot during the National Assembly elections with the serious issues that face Wales in mind. I am very disappointed how the three London parties to date are framing the election as some sort of US style mid term election.

Labour in particular have shown their complete vacuity as a political party are trying to portray the Welsh General Election as some sort of referendum on the disastrous policies of the Conservative-Lib Dem UK Government.

With the Welsh Government facing real term cuts of 11.4% over the next four years – an accumulative £5 billion pounds – what political parties should be concentrating on is how we meet the challenges of financing existing devolved services such as health, education and local government. In particular the economy should be the key battleground of this election.

Such is the severity of the funding cuts faced by the Welsh Government, capital spending will be reduced by 41%. Of all public money this is the key economic driver as its money used to invest in new hospitals, new schools, new roads and other infrastructure.

To fill this gap my party, Plaid Cymru, has proposed an innovative not for profit funding model based on Glas Cymru – the organisation responsible for Welsh Water.

We have also called for the UK Government to reform the way the Welsh Government is funded; end the siphoning of Housing Revenue Account Subsidy Scheme and the pillaging of the Welsh Governments End of Year Flexibility.

With the key fiscal and monetary levers remaining in London, the UK Government should also look towards introducing positive intervention such as setting lower corporation tax levels in those areas of Wales that qualify for the highest level of European Aid. I was quite amazed to see the Labour party dismiss this idea!

I’m confident that my party has a serious programme of government to put to the people of Wales over the coming weeks and I’m looking forward to engaging with the people of Carmarthenshire in the lead up to May the 5th.

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