Labour hands government to Tories

Plaid Cymru’s new MP for Carmarthen East and Dinefwr has said that Labour will never be forgiven in the Amman Valley for handing over the government of the UK to the Conservative party.

Jonathan Edwards MP said that London Labour had collapsed under pressure, and that a Conservative government would now be allowed to “do its worst” to Wales’ economy as a result.

Jonathan Edwards, who was returned with a majority of almost 3,500 at the recent general election criticised the Labour party for throwing away the opportunity to create an alternative Government based on co-operation and consensus, and for allowing the Tories to threaten Welsh communities with savage cuts.

Mr Edwards said:

“This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that would not only have changed the face of politics as we know it in the UK but also allowed Welsh communities to have been protected from savage cuts. Instead, and totally against what they had promised during the election, Labour chose the easy option of going into hiding, sending David Cameron into power in the process.

There are a number of Labour supporters who have been left very angry by this. I am sure Labour councillors, who have passionately spoken against the threat of Tory rule, will be wondering why it is their party did nothing to stop it from happening.

There was a real alternative to Tory rule that would have offered hope for ensuring fair funding for Wales and support for our local businesses and public service jobs. However, tribal Labour politicians, who on the doorstep said they were the only people who could keep the Tories out, chose instead to step aside and inflict these cuts on us.”

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