Journal Column – 7th September

One of the great traditions of Carmarthenshire during the summer are the numerous agricultural shows held across the county.   On most weekends between late April until September there is a Show somewhere in Wales, and Carmarthenshire has more than its fair share.

Having enjoyed a number of Shows over the years, each event has an element of individuality that makes them special.   Bank holiday Monday I visited Cilycwm show, set at an incredible location in the beautiful north Tywi valley.  

They are obviously vitally important agricultural events with the livestock competitions allowing local farmers to showcase their animals.   Carmarthenshire has quite rightly got a well deserved reputation for the quality of its horses, ponies, sheep and cattle.

However equally important are the social and economic functions of these events and the benefit they bring for the wider community.   Shows are an opportunity to bring the local community together and a fantastic day out for tourists.   Shows also act as hubs for local cash circulation as people spend money on local produce.

With events being organised by volunteers, the standard and professionalism can only be commended.   Many a well remunerated events company wouldn’t be able to do a better job.   I take my hat off to those who contribute so much to the hard graft of organising year after year.

I think there is more the public sector can do to promote our Shows.   I have been unable to find a central website or even webpage for example that lists dates and locations of Shows in the County.    This simple act could increase visitor numbers helping sustain these vital events and help them prosper long into the future.

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