Journal Column 27 June

There has been a significant and worrying development in Welsh politics this past week. Many may think that the bomb testing in Pembrey, and the Unmanned Air Drone testing in Aberporth and the low-flying aircraft testing throughout Carmarthenshire is a sufficient amount of military activity in west Wales. For those of us who think the militarisation of our communities has already reached boiling point, last week’s announcement by the Welsh government to warmly welcome Trident Nuclear Missiles to Milford Haven will have been met with horror.

The Ministry of Defence, under Harold MacMillian’s Prime Ministership, undertook a study to ascertain an appropriate location to house the United States’ Polaris nuclear submarine fleet. Milford Haven was on the short list but then soon ruled out due the safety issues the nuclear weapons posed to the new oil refinery. Nukes and Oil were incompatible and only one could stay.

Fast forward over 40 years and Milford Haven, a port with two oil refineries and a liquefied natural gas pipe handling almost a quarter of the UK’s energy, is now somehow an appropriate place to house weapons of mass destruction.

Economically Trident is poor value for money as investment in infrastructure would create far more jobs. Housing them in Milford Haven would see existing jobs lost and just a fraction of those created through Trident. I want a government that puts Wales on the map, not blow us off it.

When confronted with any of today’s real security threats nuclear weapons are irrelevant: they cannot address the real threats of terrorism or cyber warfare. Nuclear weapons are genocidal and completely immoral. There is no mandate for these weapons. They are certainly not welcome in Wales and we must fight with every fibre of our being to stop these weapons of mass destruction coming to our shores.

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