Journal Column – 26th February 2011

We learnt this week that just 0.01% of contracts for the London Olympics have been awarded to companies in Wales despite us having almost 5% of the total UK population. This result could not be further from the previous Labour government’s promises to ensure that all of the UK would benefit from the Olympic Games. The ‘Olympic spend’ has so far not been spread equally – Northern Ireland has seen a slight advantage on Wales with 0.3% but Scotland topped the poll of the Celtic nations seeing a further increase again with 0.42%.

These astonishingly minimal figures adds insult to injury following the loss of Lottery grants for Wales’ most disadvantaged areas as these have been diverted to help pay for the games.

It is evident that claims that everyone across the UK would benefit economically from the investment in the Olympics were clearly wrong. Welsh companies having been awarded more contracts by the Olympic Delivery Authority would undoubtedly help the local economy and make a significant difference to our communities during this tough economic period.

Wales is losing out by a shocking £437m all told from the loss of funding for our sports and heritage from the London Olympics and the Barnett consequential that we should be receiving from this ten billion pound investment in London. Furthermore, not only are we losing out on the opportunity to help in the development of the Olympic games, we have also been denied the chance to showcase our excellent sporting facilities for sports as varied as biking and surfing.

It is increasingly frustrating to see Welsh talent lose out on awarding of development contracts and to lose out on the opportunity for many of our most natural and scenic resources to be used in competition at the same time the UK Government is taking money from the Lottery grant designated for Wales to pay for an event which will be of no benefit to us whatsoever. I fear that Wales won’t see any lasting legacy from the Olympics and the Paralympics.

Man Trafod - Rhowch sylwad yma

Bydd eich ateb yn cael ei gymedroli, ac ni fydd yn ymaddangos yn syth. Medrwch baratoi eich testun mewn prosesydd geiriau cyn ei roi yn y bocs, ond ni fydd elfennau megis trwmder tecst a lliw yn ymddangos.