Jonathan Edwards - Re-election Message

I write this message on the eve of a Westminster election which will shape the future of Wales for generations and asks us to make a distinct choice between two possible paths.

One leads us down the road of an exclusive, narrow British nationalism. At its core is a social economic model of growing inequality, poverty, crumbling public services and carefree Westminster rule under the Tories.
The other is of Wales finding its feet in the world, building cohesive communities based on progressive values and where our public services and economy receive the investment they need and deserve under Plaid Cymru.

Labour’s neutrality on Brexit and the Welsh national question renders them unable to offer a way forward. Wales has trusted Labour for a century, and while Labour promise the world in Westminster, here in Wales where they are in power, Labour have overseen worsening poverty, longer NHS waiting times and made little effort to address climate change.

Only Plaid Cymru has the positive vision our Wales needs and is the only party fighting this election to make Wales matter in Westminster.

It has been the greatest possible privilege for me to serve and represent the communities I was born and raised in over the last several years in the House of Commons. Throughout, I have based my politics on the values of integrity, honesty and principle.

I was raised in the Amman Valley during the 80s and remember the damage the British Government deliberately inflicted on our communities. Our communities were divided and our economy hollowed out, with only poverty left in its place. My experiences living through those divided times helped shape my political outlook and convinced me that Westminster doesn’t work for Wales.

With Brexit, I am worried that history is repeating itself. I am deeply concerned about the potential for Brexit to be used as a Trojan horse to unleash further havoc on the Welsh economy, our communities and our nation.

A hard Brexit would hurt the production side of our economy by creating regulatory and financial barriers between our manufacturers and farmers and their biggest export market. Underlying this risk is the simple reality that Welsh factories and farmers will never be the priority of Westminster.

Brexit is part of a wider political project that looks to liberalise public services and rollback devolution. As the costs of Brexit mount, international trade deals which Wales is powerless to stop will be used to further privatise our public services and remove hard-won protections. Already London politicians are reasserting Westminster control over Wales by undermining our national political institutions and stealing Welsh powers.

The only way to make sure Wales matters in Westminster is to return Plaid Cymru MPs to fight your corner.

It has been the highest possible privilege to serve my home communities in the House of Commons over the last decade. I love Carmarthenshire and the best part of my job is working with community groups throughout the constituency.

I ask for your support tomorrow so that I can continue to be your champion in Westminster and work hard to help our communities achieve their aspirations.

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