Jonathan Edwards raises Ferryside Lifeboat funding concerns

Jonathan Edwards has written to the Secretary of State for Transport following concerns for the future grant funding of the independent lifeboat service.

Available to respond to emergency calls 24 hours a day throughout the year, the Ferryside Lifeboat serves the Tywi estuary. The lifeboat is staffed by trained, local volunteers and is wholly reliant upon donations and grants.

The Rescue Boat Grant Fund from the Department of Transport is in its final year, with the lifeboat team in Ferryside awaiting the outcome of their current grant application and facing the uncertainty of future funding for essential equipment.​

Mr Edwards said in response to the local community raising the matter with him he has acted to table a written question and has written directly to the Department of Transport to "seek a successor scheme of grant funding" to support the future work of the lifeboat service.

Jonathan Edwards MP, said:

"The hard work undertaken by volunteers within the local community to provide this life-saving service cannot be understated. I have had the pleasure of working closely with the volunteers and I have gone out on the lifeboat myself to better understand the work that goes into their operations.

"Following the decision by the Department for Transport to end the Rescue Boat Grant Fund, my constituents are very concerned regarding the future of the service and its funding options going forward.

"I have written to the Department for Transport to raise the concerns of the lifeboat team and I will campaign strongly within Westminster to secure funding under the final year of the present scheme and to seek a successor scheme of grant funding."

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