Jonathan Edwards calls on British Government to support in extreme flooding incidences

During a debate in the House of Commons this week (Monday Feb 24) Jonathan Edwards MP called on the British Government to step in to help communities hit by extreme flooding. The debate was held in Westminster in response to storm Ciara and storm Dennis.

Speaking in London Mr Edwards said:

"Last year Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion was hit with severe flooding and the local Councils were left to face the bill. A year on, many homes and businesses continue to face problems despite the incredible efforts of the local community and public authorities.

"This year the extreme flooding has primarily been focused on the Rhondda Cynon Taf area and thankfully Carmarthenshire was spared the worst.

"Its no good the British Government hiding behind devolved competencies and washing their hands of any responsibility. Whilst flood defences and prevention are clearly a matter for the Welsh Government, when extreme flooding incidences happen the British Government on behalf of the British State must step in.

"The European Union has a Solidarity Fund to help Member States respond to natural disasters. Its quite incredible that the British Union has no facility to help its constituent parts in times of need."

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