Jonathan & Rhodri support calls to devolve broadcasting powers to Wales

Jonathan Edwards MP, Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM support calls to devolve broadcasting powers to Wales


Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards and Assembly Member Rhodri Glyn Thomas have today signed a proclamation pledging their support to devolve broadcasting to Wales. 


The Carmarthenshire politicians said there had been too many cuts in the broadcasting sector in Wales recently especially concerning S4C.

These cuts have had a direct impact on the people of Carmarthenshire, many of whom are employed within the sector, be it in the BBC offices in Carmarthen or in Tinopolis, Llanelli. Jonathan Edwards MP said: 

‘We have recently seen with the cuts to S4C’s budget that there is a dire need for us to have the powers over broadcasting devolved to Wales, it doesn’t make sense that the broadcasting sector in Wales is open to constant threats by a government that has no mandate in Wales’

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM


‘Broadcasting in Wales has faced blow after blow in the past year and it’s about time for us to take the reigns, devolve broadcasting and do something about the situation in our Assembly in Wales’   


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