International Community Must Act to open Gaza Strip for Humanitarian Aid

It’s difficult not to view the actions of the Israeli Defence Force (IDF) in attacking a humanitarian flotilla bound for Gaza as nothing but state sponsored terrorism. With the death toll reaching double figures, evidence from released activists indicate that individuals detained by the Israeli Government have been subjected to torture and violence.

Governments across the world have been unanimous in their condemnation of the unprovoked attack, with only the US playing its usual role of diluting criticism of the Israeli Government by amending the UN Security Council statement passed last night.

The blockade of Gaza is unjust and unlawful. There can be no defence to stopping humanitarian aid or economic activity to a geographical area just because you don’t happen to like its elected government.

President Binyamin Netanyahu claims the IDF were provoked into armed combat. Provoked because activists from around the world had decided to symbolically highlight the suffering of the million and a half Palestinian people living under constant duress in the Gaza strip (an area of land only 41km in length and 6-12km in width) . With the spotlight of the world yet again focused on the troubled region, the global community needs to act now to ensure that the blockade is lifted once and for all. Egypt have opened their border and the Israeli Government should also be forced to allow free movement of goods and aid to Gaza.

The actions of the IDF should not go unpunished and that should include those that took the political decisions to sanction the military action. It is reported that Gordon Brown in his last days in office was attempting to change so called universal jurisdiction so that those guilty of war crimes, including Israeli politicians and military personnel, could visit the UK free from legal prosecution. I have tabled a question in an attempt to ascertain whether or not foreign policy is also included in the ‘new politics’ of the ConDem coalition.

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  1. Israel is trying to manage the news by confiscating all recording equipment from the passengers. The BBC really isn’t up to speed on this swallowing Israel’s propaganda lest it get attacked by the Zionist complaints machine which works so well at neutering the truth.

    If you want proper news on this act of piracy, go to and watch their one hour daily news programme.

    Just imagine what would have been the reaction of it had been Iran carrying out this attack in international waters on a civilian ship? Amazing double standards from Obama and the American stooges who are just saying to Israel over and over again “do what you want, we won’t punish you.”

  2. Have we been reading the same reports ? 5 out of 6 ships had no trouble. The 6th ship contained anything BUT peace activists. If you watch the footage of the boarding party being attacked with knives and iron bars it’s not hard to see how it got out of hand. Aid does get through to Gaza it just has to be checked for weopons etc. Any sane country would do that when faced with the terrorist attacks Israel has to endure.

  3. The Israeli state has acted as a pirate state – in keeping with its recent history of repressing the Palestinian people through the apartheid wall. The official state spokesman Mark Regev made unsubstantiated claims that the those on the ships were carrying missiles and had used guns to fire back at the Israeli military – he and his ilk are liars.

  4. In response to Max Taskers well rehearsed denials I would refer readers to the first paragraph of my comment.

  5. I mentioned on New Statesman comment on one of their blogs that who ever thought an Israel state was a good idea to set up after WWII, after two thousand years, when there wasn’t a state there even then, were clinically mad.

    Palestinians these days are living with it,and the most ironic thing they could be the then now living decendants of jews and chistians that stayed put, and put up with all this nonsense from the last few thosand years, hiddites and all!

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