Wales granted income-tax powers without referendum

Local MP and Plaid Cymru’s Treasury spokesperson, Jonathan Edwards MP, has welcomed today's announcement in the Chancellor's Comprehensive Spending Review that Wales is to be granted income-tax powers without a referendum, hailing a victory for his party which was the first to propose such a move.

Responding to the news, Jonathan Edwards MP said:

"This is welcome news and a significant victory for Plaid Cymru.

"For several years, we have argued that the principle of fiscal autonomy has already been conceded by the devolution of minor taxes.

"This means that a referendum would have been a complete waste of time and resources, and we are pleased that the UK Government has finally seen sense on this matter.

"However, Plaid Cymru believes that income tax powers alone are not enough. We want to see Wales being offered the same financial and fiscal powers as the other nations of the UK.

"Scotland has been granted full income tax powers with no referendum while Northern Ireland is set to receive corporation tax powers. Wales is not a second class nation and there is no reason why Westminster shouldn't be offering us the same deal.

"Only then will the Welsh Government have the tools necessary to make decisions and changes that will work in the best interests of the Welsh economy, not the Treasury in Westminster."

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