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Herald Column May 15th 2020

The highlight of my week in parliament was the debate on the Agriculture Bill. Though primarily England only, it is an important Bill for Wales as it starts the arduous process of responding to the destructive complexities caused by Brexit, not least because to get a Withdrawal Agreement Boris Johnson had to split the British state into two different economic zones.
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Agriculture Bill Speech 14.5.20

I want to speak on three key themes that intertwine with the amendments and new clauses that we are considering: first, the need to protect domestic food supplies; secondly, the need for joint decision making over the new British state internal food market; and thirdly, trade policy as it will apply to agriculture.
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Herald Column May 8th 2020 - How to Ease Lockdown Restrictions

By the end of this week we are expecting further announcements by the Labour Government in Wales and the British Government on the next stage of the lockdown policy. My party strongly advocated the current suppression strategy and was critical of the initial herd immunity strategy pursued.   The high levels of mortality in Wales and the UK indicates that we were right in our position.       
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Herald Column May 1st

We are undoubtedly living in very serious times, but one of the silver linings to this very dark cloud is that it could create the creative space needed for a complete reboot of how our economy and society is structured.  Modern life for most working people is all consuming due to its rapid speed.  Trying to juggle work pressure and family expectations is a huge challenge in itself. It is very difficult to imagine let alone create a different way of doing things.
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Herald Column

Time to Address the Second Home Scourge Once and For All
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