Gelli Aur Appeal Given Westminster Support

Plaid Cymru MPs have issued their continued support for the appeal to establish a convalescent home for injured soldiers in Gelli Aur, Carmarthenshire. Elfyn Llwyd MP highlighted the campaign in Westminster during a speech on veterans care. The Plaid MP, who has been a longstanding campaigner for better services for veterans, noted that the Plaid group are fully backing the project as part of a holistic approach to offering better care for ex-servicemen and women.

Elfyn Llwyd MP said:

“Hundreds and thousands of soldiers actually leave the Army and Navy broken through ill health. These men leave without any provision from either public or private charity, and they are broken men for the rest of their lives. What is more disturbing is that thousands of ex-service-people who have served in Afghanistan and Iraq end up in prison.

We need to ensure that the returning service people have all the help and assistance they need in terms of medical and psychiatric help, education and skills, assistance with employment, housing and generally re-integrating into society from a closed and highly regimented lifestyle.”

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“I was very pleased that Elfyn took the opportunity during his speech on veteran’s services to note the support we have as a group for the Gelli Aur appeal. People who give their commitment to serving in very difficult conditions deserve a duty of care when they leave the service. The Gelli Aur project is an excellent example of how that care can be offered locally.”

3 Responses to “Gelli Aur Appeal Given Westminster Support” [latest first]

  1. On BBC TV news today there was an excellent article
    explaining the rehabilitation of injured service personnel at St Aphans in West Glamorgan that has been ongoing for a considerable time,with 2 Consultants,
    8 Rehab Physios,Social workers and others.
    The injured are either helped as residential placements or come in as outpatients,as required for their physical or emotional problems.
    Presumably the cost of this excellent facility is met by the Ministry of Defence & govt money,as is Headley Court.
    Can you explain the need for an appeal to fund Gelli Aur in LLandeilo to duplicate another highly equipped facility with very specialized trained staff in a remote area. Who is going to be responsible for the capital investment & running costs?

  2. As a local person, I gladly give my support to the creation of a convalescent home for injured soldiers at Gelli Aur. The house has been empty and sad for so long – it needs something like this. It can give so much peace and joy to our wounded. Just a walk through the beautiful grounds can lift the spirits. Well done everyone concerned. I commend your courage and inspiration.

  3. Martin

    many thanks for your comments. i was unaware of the centre you refer to. the gelli aur project is about providing a service for military personel after they have received formal treatment and therefore will not duplicate. amongst policy makers there is a recognition that after all the military operations the UK have been involved in during the last decade there will be signifigant mental health problems to deal with in the future. We will need service like those proposed for gelli aur that can provide the sort of care that will be needed.

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