Fixed Term Parliament Speech

Here’s a link to my opening speech yesterday during the Committee Stage debate on the Fixed Term Parliament Bill.

I had the honour of leading the debate on behalf of Plaid, the SNP and the Labour party.

Our core argument was that the normal cycle for elections in the UK was four not five years. Also that the major issue for the celtic nations in relation to the Bill was that a 5 year fixed term for Westminster would mean a clash of elections every 20 years starting in 2015.

Our amendment to ensure co terminosity between Westminster and other legislatures within the UK was defeated. However, I was glad that the Minister in response to the debate indicated that the UK Government were willing to review powers to Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland allowing the devolver Parliaments to vary elections to the devolved Legislatures to ensure no future clash. This was a signifigant victory for the arguments we have made during the progress of this Bill.

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