Adam calls for inquiry into Welsh Government support for film industry


Plaid Cymru's Shadow Cabinet Secretary for the Economy, Adam Price AM, has written to the Auditor General requesting that he launches a sector-specific inquiry into Welsh Government support for the film industry in Wales.

Adam Price's call comes following a number of concerns relating to Welsh Government practice relating to the film industry including the management of conflict of interest, value for money, duplication, and a lack of clarity and transparency.

Adam Price AM said:
"Growing concerns about Welsh Government funding of the film industry mean that an independent inquiry is now imperative.
"I have written to the Auditor General requesting that he launches a sector-specific inquiry to examine various aspects of Welsh Government policy in this area.

"There are a number of questions around issues ranging from the management of potential conflicts of interest – for example in relation to Pinewood Studios and Bad Wolf - poor value for money, a lack of clarity on policy aims, and inadequate transparency. 

"Film, television and the moving image are important to Wales, culturallya nd economically and it is in the public and National interest to know whether or not the Welsh Government has been acting properly and effectively, and if not, what could and should be done differently .
"Only a full audit will be able to achieve this.
"In particular, Government must not be allowed to hide poor practice beneath a cloak of commercial confidentiality.

"I hope that the Auditor General will agree to this important inquiry and I look forward to his response."

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