EU Withdrawal Bill - Tories attempt to tighten London's grip on Wales


Plaid Cymru has expressed fury at the British Government's Withdrawal Bill which it says threatens the UK with an "imminent constitutional crisis".

The Withdrawal Bill will enable the British Government to legislate in areas currently devolved to the National Assembly for Wales. It will create new UK-wide policy frameworks in areas devolved to Wales, limiting the Welsh Government's ability to govern the country.

Local MP Jonathan Edwards said Carmarthenshire residents – which voted overwhelmingly to support devolution in the 1997 referendum and again endorsed law-making powers for Wales in the 2011 referendum – would be furious with attempts of the Tories to undermine their vote.

Mr Edwards said that provisions in the Tories' EU Withdrawal Bill will "rip up the devolution rule book" and called on Westminster to respect national boundaries.

Carmarthen East and Dinefwr MP Jonathan Edwards said:

"The publication of the Bill to facilitate the UK's exit from the European Union confirms the fears I and my Plaid Cymru colleagues warned of some months ago: this is a deliberate attempt by London Tories to take away powers from Wales.

"I proudly represent the area which is not only recognised as delivering the National Assembly in 1997, but saw over 70% of residents endorse law-making powers for Wales in the referendum just a few years ago.

"Neither I, my Plaid Cymru colleagues or the tens of thousands of Carmarthenshire residents which support our own democratic institution will stand for this Westminster power grab which threatens Welsh nationhood and rips up the devolution rule book.

"The British Government has to recognise that the UK is a state of multiple nations and it must respect the national borders within it.

"The Tories mask this Bill as a constitutional necessity. But as it stands will ensure that Westminster will once again be able to legislate in domestic Welsh fields. Plaid Cymru will resist.

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