Jonathan to be Vice-Chair of Cross-Party Parliamentary Group on EU Relations


Jonathan Edwards MP has this week taken up a role as Vice-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on EU relations, to better advocate Wales' strong interest in remaining part of the Single Market and the Customs Union.

The All-Party Parliamentary Group includes politicians from across the political spectrum, including Members of Parliament from Plaid Cymru, the Conservatives, Labour, the Liberal Democrats, the SNP and the Green Party. United in purpose to ensure that the UK maintains the best possible relations with the EU, Jonathan Edwards MP will work with the group to advocate Wales' strong interests in maintaining a close relationship with Wales' largest trading partner, the EU.

Including headline political figures including Members of Parliament such as Chuka Ummuna, Anna Soubry, Caroline Lucas, Jo Swinson and Stephen Gethins, the group has repeatedly noted the harmful social, economic and environmental implications of the extreme hard Brexit advocated by members of Theresa May's government, but also the Labour Party. This was made evident by the actions of Jeremy Corbyn MP in sacking members of his shadow frontbench who supported an amendment to remain in the Single Market.

Jonathan Edwards MP served on the Brexit select committee in the last Parliament and will continue to deliver in Westminster a vision for a strong and prosperous Wales that is conscious of its position and responsibilities within the European Union and the broader international community.

Commenting, Jonathan Edwards MP said:

"I am delighted to take up the role of Vice-Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on EU relations, and will endeavour to ensure that the Welsh national interest is heard in Westminster.

"As MPs, it is our duty to represent the interests and values of our constituents and compatriots. It is clear to me that remaining in the Customs Union and the Single Market is clearly in the Welsh national interest, protecting the vital economic links that Wales has across the world, and the jobs and wages that these links deliver here.

"While Wales voted to leave the European Union, I cannot believe that Wales voted for an outcome that the Westminster parties are prepared to accept, including job losses, the sacrifice of our farming and high food standards, and rising inflation.

"Westminster is in chaos, led by a Government willing to put power above integrity and duty. Under the mantra of hard-Brexit, the Westminster parties have quietly allowed negotiations over our future in Europe to mutate into a faceless power grab that would see Wales subject to unilateral English decision making and greater economic hardship.

"Against a government that has ignored the Welsh national interest for far too long, I welcome the opportunity to work with Parliamentary colleagues who value the preservation of our ties with Europe above the petty-party politics of Westminster. Working with MPs who defied Jeremy Corbyn's quiet yet passionate support for hard-Brexit, I am confident that we can counter Westminster's vision for a needlessly extreme Brexit and deliver an outcome that protects Welsh exports, Welsh farming and manufacturing.

"Plaid Cymru, as the Party of Wales, is committed to delivering the best possible vision for Wales, its people, its environment and its economy. I look forward to working with the group to deliver security for our nation and its future."

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