Energising Communities Fund seeks applications


Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards is encouraging community groups and charities in Carmarthenshire to consider applying for funding up to £2,000 this month.

Energy provider E.ON has re-opened its Energising Communities Fund which can cover the full or partial cost of energy-related improvements and activities. 

Since launching its fund in 2013, E.ON has distributed over £140,000 to almost 85 community groups nationwide to fund energy-related projects.

Jonathan Edwards MP said that heating bills can account for a substantial part of running costs for many organisations, and recommended local groups consider applying for the grant funding.

To be eligible for funding, organisations must submit a request by midnight on Monday 29 January 2018.  More information and full terms and conditions, as well as the application form for this opportunity are all available at www.eonenergy.com/community.

Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards said:

"When it comes to running a charity or community association, heating costs can often account for a large part of the annual outgoings.

"When every penny counts, saving money on energy bills can help reduce those running costs and assist groups and charities to become more sustainable.

"With up to £2,000 available from the Energising Communities Fund, I would encourage Carmarthenshire groups to consider applying for the financial support available."

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