‘DVLA services at Post Offices will enable network to survive’ says local MP

Carmarthenshire MP Jonathan Edwards has this week backed a campaign calling on the UK Government to ensure obtaining driving licences, vehicle tax discs and other DVLA services continue to be available at post offices.


Post Office Ltd. is currently bidding for a 10-year contract with the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). This contract is estimated to be worth around £60million a year income for the Post Office. The campaign, led by the National Federation of Sub postmasters, is part of the drive to see post offices as the natural ‘front office for government’, offering a wide range of central and local government services to customers.

Mr. Edwards’ support for the campaign follows the report of the House of Commons Business, Innovation and Skills Committee which criticised the inflexibility of the UK Government’s proposals for the future of post offices. The report also criticised the lack of a programme for delivering government services. The report said:

“Both central and local government speak warm words about delivering government services through the Post Office, yet such additional government services—with the accompanying extra revenue for the Post Office—has yet to materialise.”

The report warned that reforms could leave one in five post offices ‘unsustainable or unsuitable.’

The Plaid Cymru MP said that retaining DVLA services at post offices will enable the network to survive.

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“Post offices provide a wide range of vital mail, financial, government and other services to individuals and small businesses. Their presence boosts local high streets and other local shops.

“In many rural areas, the post office is and has been the community focal point. In some villages ensuring the existence of the most basic of post office services has led to some of greatest examples of community spirit as residents rally around to form their own community shop or cafe.

“If the post office network is to survive, the continuation of DVLA services and the income they generate is crucial.

“For far too long successive UK Governments have gotten away with stripping vital services from our local post offices, leaving many unsustainable and left with no alternative but to close.

“I’m proud to back the bid to ensure the DVLA contract remains with the Post Office”.


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