Deputy First Minister for Wales Hears Direct from Ammanford Businesses

Deputy First Minister for Wales and Plaid Cymru Leader Ieuan Wyn Jones has visited Ammanford to offer his backing to local candidate Jonathan Edwards in the upcoming General Election. The One Wales Government Assembly’s Minister for the Economy and Transport joined Jonathan in talking to local businesses about the impact of the recession and how a Plaid influence in a hung parliament can make a real difference for them.

Plaid‘s Westminster candidate Jonathan Edwards said:

“I was delighted to have been able to take Ieuan around some local businesses in the town. I know from speaking to many businesses that the lead Ieuan has taken, establishing the ProAct and ReAct schemes, has made a major difference. It is that sort of innovative thinking that has helped reduce the impact and save countless jobs in the county. That said there is little doubt that people are still really struggling and that is why I was especially pleased to have allowed them the opportunity to speak directly with the Economy Minister and hear how Plaid can play a crucial role in taking up their concerns.”

Ieuan Wyn Jones AM said:

“Jonathan is a fantastically strong local candidate who I know is dedicated to getting the best deal for his local communities. There is a great opportunity for Jonathan to make a real difference to the county with the very likely outcome of a hung parliament in this election.

A strong bloc of Plaid MPs, along with SNP colleagues, will use their votes and influence to get the best deal for Carmarthenshire and for Wales. In their race for the keys to number 10, the London parties have forgotten what really matters to the people they represent. Jonathan is the only candidate who can be trusted to fight for the needs of this constituency in Westminster.”

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