County residents urged to take part in ‘Earth Hour’

People in the county are being urged to do their bit for the environment and take part in the WWF’s annual Earth hour. The event which takes place on Saturday the 27th of March at 8:30pm calls on people to switch of their lights for an hour. Adam Price MP and Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM, who have supported the annual event over the past few years, are again backing it and asking people throughout Carmarthenshire to do the same. It is estimated that not only will the action, anticipated to involve millions of people across the world, save a lot of energy it will also help to raise awareness about climate change issues.

Adam Price MP said:

“Our office has supported this campaign over the last few years and we are excited to do so again. Tackling climate change is a major challenge but this campaign shows the huge impact that we can have as individuals. Simple steps locally can have a major significance globally.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“Hopefully people in the county will join the campaign and turn their lights off for the hour on Saturday but also consider in future their energy use in general. Making sure that unused lights are switched off and plugs removed play a big part in reducing energy wastage.”

Plaid’s Westminster candidate Jonathan Edwards said:

“We all have a role to play in facing the challenges of global warming and this is an excellent campaign for people to start to look at their own energy consumption. By starting with one hour on the 27th of March we can all help make a difference.”

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  1. earth hour is really a great way to promote environmental awareness-`,

  2. we always join the Earth Hour because it is one of the ways that you can show your support on the environment “

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