County AMs Welcome Capital Grant for Education Institutions

Plaid Cymru’s Carmarthenshire Assembly Members Nerys Evans, Rhodri Glyn Thomas and Helen Mary Jones have jointly welcomed the Welsh Government’s £1.3million grant to the local authority and Coleg Sir Gar to carry out small capital works.

Carmarthenshire County Council and Coleg Sir Gar have been given £910,399 and £431,483 respectively as part of the Welsh Government’s £20.5million capital funding package for schools and further education institutions.

The funding is for small, but essential capital projects which could include improvement of school facilities, such as toilets for pupils, general refurbishments or infrastructure improvements, and must be carried out before the end of the current financial year.

Local AM and party spokesperson on Education, Nerys Evans said:

“This much needed investment is a welcome boost for education in Carmarthenshire. It’s vital that children and young people in the county are provided with the best facilities when it comes to learning, and this announcement by the Welsh Government shows they’re committed to doing that.

“As a party, Plaid want to lead the way in developing an education system that will raise standards and improve performance for all our children. Tackling the basics of reading, writing and counting will be essential to enabling future generations to create a strong and prosperous economy.

“To achieve this it’s vital that our schools are up to date and in a fit state to deliver the curriculum in the 21st Century. There is no doubt that the funding which has been announced today will help to achieve this goal.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM added:

“The announcement by the Welsh Government to invest £1.3million in Carmarthenshire’s institutions is fantastic news for our local schools and local college campuses that will have already identified areas for where this funding will be spent to improve their facilities.

“Such improvements would also bring a much needed boost to local building and maintenance companies who undoubtedly would be employed to carry out the necessary works.

“This demonstrates the clear differences between a Government in Wales prioritising and investing in education, whilst a Conservative-led government in Westminster takes the axe to the education budget.

“By the end of the this Assembly term the Welsh Government will have invested over £700 million in capital funding in a range of projects across Wales”.

Llanelli AM Helen Mary Jones said:

“I’m delighted that Coleg Sir Gar and schools in the county will be benefiting from this funding package, and I already look forward to seeing the work being carried out as soon as possible.

“This announcement demonstrates the One Wales’ Government’s commitment to improving and enhancing school buildings all across Wales, and is committed to investing in education.

“The Welsh budget has been hit very hard by the devastating cut backs imposed on it by the Tories and Lib Dems – but Plaid in Government has ensured that our front line services, to include education, is protected.”


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