Council urged to extend council tax reduction for pensioners

County residents complain of lack of information

Carmarthenshire County Council has been urged to extend the cut off date for pensioners over 65 to receive a reduction on their council tax. The original cut off date of September 30th has past but local politicians have written to the council asking them to allow people to still take up the offer after a raft of complaints stated not enough was done to inform local residents. Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM, Jonathan Edwards MP and Helen Mary Jones AM have spoken to a number of pensioners in the county who only realised the reduction was available after the final date to apply had passed. The reduction applied to anyone over 65 for their tax bill 2010-11.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“I have written to the council on this issue to make them aware of the number of people who have come into my office having missed the opportunity to get a reduction in their tax bill simply because they were not aware of the issue. It would be very unfair if people who were not aware of this reduction missed out on it when they are entitled to money off.”

Helen Mary Jones AM added:

“It would be hugely disappointing if pensioners lost out on a tax reduction that they should have simply because of an administrational issue. People were clearly not fully aware of the potential to access this reduction or the cut off date to doing so. With those complaints in mind I really hope the council see fit to extend the opportunity.”

Jonathan Edwards MP said:

“I am sure in some capacity the council have advertised this but clearly not everyone was aware of the reduction. The pensioners that we have spoken to in the office would be eligible for the reduction so it would be a real shame if the council did not find a way to ensure that they could benefit from it. Pensioners are struggling enough financially and missing out on a potential reduction in their council tax could make a real difference.”

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  1. I am trying to work through the fog of these new proposals for pensioners and council tax. As a pensioner on pension credit do we know if those like myself will soon have to pay towards this tax, or will we still be exempt? There was some discussion via the Assembly that those on benefit having to pay at least 10%.

  2. Graham

    Essentially the UK Government have devolved the budget for this benefit to the Welsh Government but with a 10% cut. Unlike the SNP in Scotland who are making up the shortfall, the Labour Welsh Government are merely passing on the cut to our Local Authorities. Therefore most recipients of the benefit will face a 10% cut. I would strongly advise you to go and see an independent, impartial and free advice provider like the CAB so that they can go through your situation in detail.

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