Council Pool Decision Delay Frustrates Local Politicians

Brynamman’s local AM and MP have issued their disappointment that the council will not be opening the areas swimming pool because damage caused as a result of poor weather it is too expensive to repair. Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and Jonathan Edwards MP have criticised the timing of the announcement made just before the start of the summer holidays.

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“I am slightly disappointed in the councils approach to closing the pool. I understand that we are in tough times financially. When there is talk of job losses finding the £20,000 that the council suggest is needed for the damage to be repaid is difficult. However I am sure everyone concerned would have benefited from being told this sooner. Not only would early notice have avoided the current situation, where just as the school holiday’s are starting children locally are being told they will not have use of the facility, but it would have also given all parties more time to be able to look for funding elsewhere.”

Jonathan Edwards MP added:

“We obviously would love to see this local service repaired and open for public use. It seems unlikely at best that this will happen this year but we shouldn’t simply accept that it will close on a permanent basis. I know local members of the Swimming Pool Association have been proactive and wanted to find a resolution to the issue. Rhodri and I will be looking into what finance can be made available through various avenues and have already been in touch with officials at Westminster and the Assembly to see what options, if any, can be pursued at present.”

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  1. Carmarthenshire County Council had plenty of time to review the pool as their Press Officer stated that it had been surveyed back in February/March of this year.

    Furthermore, the sum actually needed was considerably less than £20,000 because the Brynaman Swimming Pool Association offered a total of £5,000 and the ordinary Council budget for the Brynaman Lido is around £3,000. Therefore only £12,000 extra was required.

    Carmarthenshire County Council have also missed out on the chance to offer the pool as a location for the film “Hunky Dory”. The producer of “Hunky Dory” is Jon Finn and he was the producer for the film Billy Elliot! This was a chance to showcase Welsh talent, promote Brynaman and enshrine the pool in film history.

    I have written an article called “Bereft in Brynaman” for the Outdoor Swimming Society. Please see their website.

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