Council Fail To React To Weather Problems

Local politicians have voiced their criticisms of Carmarthen County Council’s ability to react to the poor weather conditions. Adam Price MP, Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM and Plaid’s parliamentary candidate Jonathan Edwards say that whilst the main roads have been cleared many side streets, farms and public car parks have been left dangerously icy.

Adam Price MP said:

“This is obviously a difficult time and we recognise that. The main roads have been, in the main, cleared of snow allowing people to travel. However there is a real lack of grit being applied elsewhere. A number of farmers and businesses have contacted my office concerned that little thought has been given to gritting and clearing side streets and rural roads.”

Rhodri Glyn Thomas AM said:

“Whilst the severe nature of the weather change was not envisaged only last year a similar situation occurred and it is fair to ask why the council was not better prepared? It is very disappointing that through this lack of preparation many people have been left cut off.”

Jonathan Edwards said:

“With such dangerous and icy conditions, and the fact that a similar scenario occurred at the start of last year, no doubt people in the county would have expected the council to have thought out a more thorough approach.”

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