Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards MP has expressed his shock on discovering that, weeks after the Welsh election, the Labour Government had made no attempt to engage with the Wales Office. 

In response to a written question from Mr Edwards, the Wales Office confirmed that no representations had been made by the new Labour Government to meet or to discuss matters affecting Wales.

These revelations come on the same day that Carwyn Jones is due at the Joint Ministerial Committee with other leaders of devolved administrations.

Mr Edwards said:

“Since the Welsh election, the Westminster government has been coming under increasing pressure from demands made by Scotland and Northern Ireland, but the Welsh Government seems to have been mute.

“Now we have confirmation of that. While Scotland and Northern Ireland’s governments have been fighting for their nations – Carwyn Jones and his team have been too busy to even pick up the phone.

“Nearly a month has passed since the election and we still have no idea what the Labour government has been up to.

“This does not bode well. The general malaise that surrounds the new administration contrasts poorly with the vibrancy of the Plaid-driven One Wales years – when it was clear that Wales was on the move.

“Politicians that stand as a roadblock are out of step with reality. We need leaders with a clear vision to make sure our communities get the best deal out of this rapidly changing landscape.

“It’s increasingly clear that this is a Welsh Government without direction, leadership or purpose.

“So much for fighting Wales’ corner – Labour seems to have gone AWOL.”




Mr Edwards’ question and answer:


Jonathan Edwards: To ask the Secretary of State for Wales how many requests she received between 6 May and 20 May 2011 to meet members of the Welsh Government; and on what matters. [57468]

Mrs Gillan: No such representations have been received.

7 Jun 2011 : Column 31W


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