CON-DEM Government must show some respect for Welsh elections


Plaid Cymru’s Jonathan Edwards MP has welcomed the outcome of this week’s vote in the House of Lords which saw the majority vote against holding the AV referendum on the same day as the devolved elections.

Mr Edwards has repeatedly vocalised concerns over the timing of this clash and has called on the UK Government to show respect to Wales by not holding it on the same day as the Welsh elections.

Mr Edwards said:

“We very much welcome the decision in the Lords. The UK Government has shown a huge lack of respect to Wales over this issue as there has been no consultation with the Welsh Government.

“There is no dout that holding the AV referendum on the same date as the devolved elections in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland will undermine those elections.

“Plaid believes that the AV referendum should be delayed so that the Welsh Assembly elections can be the most important and only priority for voters in Wales next May.

“The Governments of the devolved legislatures have requested a change of date in the interest of democracy – and now the Upper House have supported those calls.

“The UK Government should now urgently re-think its plans and come forward with alternative proposals and a different date for the AV referendum so that the bill can move forward with a greater degree of political consensus when it returns to the House of Commons.”


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