Local politicians promote community connectivity initiative

Jonathan Edwards MP and Adam Price AM have urged local communities to bid for a Vodafone mobile connectivity initiative which would give indoor mobile coverage to community hubs.

As part of the ‘Connecting Carmarthenshire’ campaign, both Jonathan Edwards MP and Adam Price AM, have repeatedly met with mobile phone providers to improve mobile coverage and connectivity within Carmarthenshire.

While maintaining that the improving mobile phone coverage and connectivity across the rural areas like Carmarthenshire should be a priority of both the Welsh and UK governments, Carmarthenshire East and Dinefwr’s politicians welcomed the initiative by Vodafone.

Jonathan Edwards has written to all community councils to bring the initiative to their attention and encouraged them on behalf of their communities to put in submissions to Vodafone.

Jonathan Edwards MP, who met with Vodafone last year said:

“Vodafone’s initiative is another step to improving mobile phone coverage and connectivity in Carmarthenshire. As part of my ‘Connecting Carmarthenshire’ campaign, I have held several meetings with mobile phone giants such as Vodafone, urging them to improve the standard of mobile phone coverage and connectivity in Carmarthenshire and rural areas across Wales.

“This initiative is an opportunity to bring Carmarthenshire one step closer to complete coverage, and I have written to community councils to encourage their participation in this initiative on behalf of their communities.

“I will continue to make representations on behalf of my constituents to further improve mobile phone coverage through investment in rural communities by mobile phone giants as well as the Welsh and UK governments.”


Adam Price AM, who held a meeting with Vodafone last week added:

“This is an important opportunity for our local communities to benefit from improved local mobile phone connectivity and coverage.

“Improving mobile phone coverage holds important benefits for our rural communities, both here in Carmarthenshire, and across Wales. It is essential that we work to ensure that our rural communities are fully integrated into the mobile network system and benefit economically from improved connectivity.

“This initiative is an opportunity to not only bring our communities together, but also to deliver tangible economic and social benefits to our rural communities.”


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