Communities ignored by County Council

MP says recycling site closure is the final straw

Jonathan Edwards - Llangadog Recycling

Communities in the north east of the county are being ignored by Carmarthenshire Council, Member of Parliament Jonathan Edwards has said this week.

The Plaid Cymru MP expressed his deep concern for the future of our rural communities whilst speaking with business owners in Llandovery and following a visit to the Llangadog waste recycling site whose future is threatened by the county council decision to not renew its contract with the company.

Jonathan Edwards said that residents in the north east of the county could legitimately question what exactly it is they get in return for their council tax each year as schools close, street lights get turned off, recycling facilities are taken away, highways are left in a state of disrepair and social services get outsourced.

The MP’s comments come in response to the announcement that Carmarthenshire County Council will not be renewing its contract with All Waste Services who provides a recycling facility in Llangadog.  Its closure would result in a round trip of 30-40 miles to the nearest civic amenity site for residents in the north-east communities of Llandovery and surrounding villages.

In a letter to Council leadership, MP Jonathan asked what the authority expects the thousands of residents of the area to do with the 1500-2000 tonnes of civic amenity waste which would usually be taken to the Llandgadog site.  He said the council’s actions would likely increase the cost of clearing up fly tipping, and added that the closure of the site would be the final straw for the communities to which the council pays no attention.

The Carmarthen East and Dinefwr Member of Parliament said:

“Councils throughout Wales are facing severe budget cuts as a result of the failed ideological austerity measures of the Conservative Westminster government. But I and my party believe there are alternative ways of meeting this challenge without stripping communities of essential services.

“The recycling site in Llangadog receives 1500 – 2000 tonnes of civic amenity waste each year.  Where exactly does the leadership of Carmarthenshire council expect all this waste to go?

“If there is no facility in the north-east of the county, residents of those communities will be forced into a 40 mile round trip for the nearest service.  The cost to clear up fly tipping will undoubtedly increase. 

“But the wider issue here is that the people I represent believe their voices are ignored in county hall.  That is the clear opinion given to me when speaking with residents and businesses in the area.

“Schools are closing against the wishes of communities, street lights are being turned off, highways are left in a state of disrepair and now the civic amenity site is being taken away which many consider to be the final straw.

“I am deeply concerned for the future of our rural communities.  All residents should have fair access to services irrespective of where they live in the county but this certainly won’t be the case in Carmarthenshire.

“As things stand, residents in northern Carmarthenshire can justifiably question what exactly they get in return for their council tax each year.”


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  1. With regards this ridicalous decision Fly tipping will be an extremely expensive result not simply the cost of clearing it but the damage it will undoubtably do to the environment as will the amount of traffic involved to cart ones rubbish elsewhere since most people will normally have to make more than one trip to dispose of any reasonable amount due to the fact they will be using the family car.

  2. My wife and I run a bunkhouse in N. E. Carmarthenshire. This brings many visitors from around the UK and from abroad bringing money with them and a growing love for Wales helping to provide a much needed boost for our tourist industry. We take great care in collecting waste which we deliver every week to the recycling centre. If this is closed it would create major problems for us in dealing with this waste. But also we are really concerned that the damage to the country side will in the long term make the area less desirable to visit. We would ask the council to reconsider this vital decision.

  3. As Mr Edwards says, this is yet another example of the County Council ignoring local communities. How arrogant! The Council forgets that it exists to serve the community. We now pay for services that we no longer get, or which are reduced without any reduction in taxes, or which are only provided when the Council chooses to. The Council is behaving like the worst of monopolies. And before Mark James and his officials tell us they’re cash-strapped, they should consider cutting back their own exorbitant salaries. If they’re not providing the services we pay them to provide, they should be replaced by those who can.

  4. I agree with the above comments. This County is already littered with rubbish on the highways and other places. Not renewing the tender for this facility will only make things worse. It is about time that the North had some investment rather than the monies being given to the South of the County. Perhaps they could turn some lights off in the towns on the highways at night as we do not need all that light pollution. There would be major savings if this was done between the hours of midnight and 6am and earlier in the summer months.

  5. I find it ironic that the council are planning to withdraw their funding for this centre, and yet in the latest edition of Carmarthenshire News, there is a whole page (9) spread telling us as Carmarthenshire residents that we need to recycle more! I personally will still recycle what I can, but this will inevitabley lead to more fly tipping, or an increase in the amount of rubbish going to land fill. Get your priorities right Carmarthenshire!

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