'The First Minister misled on the Circuit of Wales', says Adam Price


Adam Price has today called for an independent inquiry into the Welsh Government’s handling of the Circuit of Wales project after evidence has come to light that the First Minister may have misled the public.

Writing on Click on Wales today, Plaid Cymru's Shadow Economy Secretary, Adam Price sets out “compelling evidence the Welsh Government has been guilty of serial mendacity”, and exposes a series of inaccurate or misleading statements by the Welsh Government – including comments made by the First Minister.

He writes:

“Sadly this project has been characterised by a series of inaccurate and misleading statements made by the Government, ostensibly to justify its own position in the face of potential criticism. Another email, this time by an Aviva senior director – dated 14th July last year – pointed to the false assertion by the Welsh Government “that we requested a 100% underwrite a few days before the rejection (of the first proposal in April 2016), when in fact this deal had been worked up with the Welsh Government (through civil servants) for many months and nothing in our funding structure changed in the run up to the announcement.

“I have an email from Welsh Government presenting a proposal based on a Welsh public sector guarantee of the debt dated January 26th 2016, confirming Aviva’s assertion. And yet speaking in Ebbw Vale on April 11th last year, as reported by the Western Mail, Carwyn Jones repeated the falsehood when speaking about the rejection of the proposal: “It was in the last few days beforehand. We weren’t to know the guarantee would be inflated.”

“These are not isolated instances. They are part of a pattern of duplicity that have characterised the Welsh Government’s approach to this project throughout, constantly shifting goalposts and covering their tracks.”
Adam Price accused the First Minister of misleading the public on the Circuit of Wales, and called for an independent inquiry to investigate the matter:

“Since the First Minister himself can now be shown also to have misled the public on the Circuit of Wales – all the more pointedly as it was in Blaenau Gwent and in the middle of a keenly fought election campaign – it’s no longer appropriate that he makes this decision as he will now need to be a subject of that investigation, not its judge and jury.

“As things currently stand no-one – business, media, Parliament or public – can be confident our Government is being straight with us. Only a full independent inquiry can begin to rebuild public trust.”


Adam Price’s article can be read in full here: http://www.iwa.wales/click/2017/06/circuit-of-lies/

Image Credit: circuitofwales.com 

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